At Urban Living, we take immense pride in presenting furnishings which are unique, uber-designs, clutter free that surround you with taste and character. Our creative threads weave the intimate affair of urban designs and traditional craftsmanship for all our furnishings. Our furniture are multi-functional and make your home look no less than perfect.


We design homes that feel good, always. With our extensive range of Decors, we manage to make your house a humble abode. Urban Living believes that spaces are getting scarce and so it is important to make the best of the space available. Small or big space, our designs will fit your needs and lift your mood.

Our furnishings go through a high standard of quality check that provides a better assurance to our customers. We believe that your home should reflect your personality and aesthetics. Our designs reflect characters and who you are. Our passion is to fill the daunting void of these strong aesthetics in the Indian Market. Based on our custom-made designs, furnishings are manufactured with utmost care. Our secret lies with our creative innovations that include a completely different mechanism repleted with foam and other fillers and sewed with threads that match the fabric. Our fabrics and leather are genuine and have been tested to out-live the furnishings available in the market.

The most bothersome task is to find a perfect piece to fit in your home as well as your budget. Thus, we provide a comprehensive range that pacifies the need of quality-budget furnitures. Our responses are quick and on-time with a complete after-sales services. We have been fierce with our Turnkey Projects as well as we provide continuous supervision managed with our technical support of Interior Designers and our traditional craftsmanship. These projects are coordinated with different agencies, thus providing an absolute panacea that works well for every space.

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